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Henry Rahr the 1st 18 years old.png


My Son,


You were born a family brewer

You were weaned on the family beer, for it was a food for survival

You will be schooled at the earliest age to brew the family beer

You will brew the finest and best quality family beer with pride

You will be consistent and uncompromising

You will brew with the honor and integrity of our family

You have the family brewer heart and soul

You will brew as our ancestors have for hundreds of years

You willingly shall place your name upon your beer

You are a Rahr, my son, this is your birthright


Love your father Ludwig Rahr

Henry (Heinrich) Rahr the 1st, was a full-fledged brewer at the young age of just 18 years old. At the young age of 12, his father Ludwin Rahr distilled in his sons a love for brewing. It all started with one heartfelt note penned by Ludwig to Henry at his time of birth.


After 6 years of mastering the craft under his father's supervision, Henry the 1st left his home in Wesel Germany in October of 1853, traveling across the Pacific to America by steamship. After arriving at the port in New York at the end of October, Henry immediately made his way to Manitowoc WI at his uncle’s behest (Wilhelm Rahr).

Soon thereafter he began brewing using his special methods and the treasured recipe of his family line, which he earlier had learned from his father Ludwig.

In that moment, the idea of Henry Rahr and Co. was born. Henry then packed up again and headed to the Green Bay area to begin his new venture. With a newfound partner, he brewed beer at Shanty Town Brewery, also known as the Bellevue Brewery, while continuing brewing Henry Rahr and Co. beer or Rahr’s Beer of Green Bay WI.

A short time later, Henry’s two younger siblings, Charles and August, joined him in Green Bay to accelerate the family business in America. Charles and August started their Rahr’s Brewery nearly 50 miles south in Oshkosh WI.


In the mid 1860’s, three Rahr breweries existed in the great state of Wisconsin. 

  1. Henry Rahr and Co Brewery in Green Bay WI | 1853

  2. Wilhelm Rahr Brewery in Manitowoc WI | 1847

  3. Charles Rahr Brewery in Oshkosh WI | 1865

All three breweries operated as independent and distinct companies, respecting each other’s area of distribution, maintaining their own recipes, and were careful not to infringe on the individuality of branding offered by each unique brewery. The Rahr brewers were men of great honor, demonstrated great love of family, and always helped one another to accelerate each other’s breweries.

A note from Henry Rahr the 1st to the generations after: 

"Only the finest ingredients, strictly pure, single source, hand examined for texture, color, aroma, moisture, proper age and readiness for next the brewing stage. The brewing process is uncompromised, no substitutes, no short cuts, and always consistent.  Brewed only with the Rahr family tradition, pride ,heart and sole. The beer will now be ready to bear the  name:  “ Rahr's beer of Green Bay”.

Each Rahr brewed with the Rahr family tradition of excellence, based in the Rahr family method, but also carried their own variation of the recipe style based from their Rahr bloodline. Although each of the brothers produced their own flavors, they were able to maintain continuity with the original Rahr’s family recipe. This was an important ode to the Rahr Green Bay family coat of arms.

Rahr family coat of arms.png

Such as Rahr’s Beer of Green Bay, only the direct Henry Rahr bloodline understood the brewing method that originated with Henry Rahr the 1st , accepted no substitutes, and tirelessly pursued nothing but authentic Rahr’s Beer.


Today, direct living descendants of Henry Rahr the 1st and the Rahr’s Beer bloodline include Henry Rahr the 5th, Henry Rahr the 6th, Zachary Rahr, Susan Rahr, Jay Ginn, Oliver Kushto, Andrew Herlache, Elizabeth Blatz, Betty-Elizabeth Herlache. 


"The Beer that makes Milwaukee Jealous" 1885
"The Pride of Wisconsin" 1933
"The Beer that made Milwaukee Jealous" 1933
"Aristocrat of Beer" 1933
"The Best Beer in Any Case" 1952
"Better buy Rahr - better by far" 1952
"If you love beer - buy Rahr's" 1952
"With the sealed-in-flavor"
"Air sealed out, flavor sealed in"
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